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Opening Files...


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I am having problems with Illust. opening "PSD" files over 200 meg in size ( it says not enough memory ). It will open a 1.2 gig tiff or illust. file, but not the psd. Any ideas????

Twin zeon 3.2's with 4 gig ram


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Does the Photoshop file have a bunch of layers? If so, are you trying to maintain those layers in Illustrator?

That would be my guess... other than that, I'd be befuddled.


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I recently had some similar issues with a system that couldn't really have had "memory" issues... I had some excerpts from an Adobe help file around here somewhere... but I think it had to do with memory allocation & scratch disc stuff...

...what exactly are you in the process of doing? adding vector artwork to rastor artwork, prior to printing? If so, once you get everything laid out, what would you do net, rip the file with both rastor & vector info? ...or would you export it back into being a single rastor file?

I usually go with a single rastor image myself, so a workaround for me would be to set my type (or whatever vector artork needs to be included) over a low res version so I can see where I am in my image for layout design & placement... but then export just that vector artwork as a rastor image & merge it with high rez image back in photoshop.

Ian Stewart-Koster

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If you MUST have layers in it, and it WILL open a tiff, then save the psd file as a layered Tiff. Try opening that.

Why do you need such a big bitmap pic in a vector program?
Try lowering the resolution or reducing the number of layers.
What's the finished size of the Illy file?

I've had 60 meg jpg files print out perfectly well at 8 x 10 ft size.

Alternately, do the opposite- keep your psd files in P'shop, and place the vectors into new layers in the psd file, then flatten whne you gat a chance, or save as a jpg.