oracal 751


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has anybody used oracal purple red on the 751 series?
is it close enough their 651 series burgundy?

i don't have oracals colorchart



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We had a few large jobs that needed to be done recently in burgundy. No one could get be a 48" roll for like three weeks. It was on back order at Oracal. Of course the jobs were rush and no time to wait. We used the 651 purple red to replace it and the clients couldn't even tell a difference. Not sure if that helps or not.


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If you hold the two beside each other you can really tell a difference, but if you use burgandy and there is not purple red to compare it to you might be OK.



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They do not match.
I have used the purple red 751 last week and the 651 burgundy this week.
It looks like a dark blood red, the purple red looks more like what I would call burgundy or maroon.


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thanks every one,
i had no luck getting any oracal 3m,arlon and last avery cast vinyl any where around houston and san antonio.
fellers,grimco,reece supply, sgs and nglantz didn't have any in stock, i needed it it for today.

i'll be using cal vinyl for the job, i''l be at the job site today getting it done!!!