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Ordered a Router!


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After several years of drooling over routers at USSC tradeshows, we're finally taking the plunge. We mailed in our deposit check a couple weeks ago to AXYZ and the beast is supposed to ship on the 20th of this month. We're psyched! Now we have to get ready for it and make room.

We decided to go with a 5' x 10' table with the automatic toolchanger and 7HP spindle. Since we don't have 3 Phase in our shop, we also had to get a phase converter. We also added an extra Z drive with an engraver head.

I PM'ed with Gerald a few weeks ago and he gave AXYZ a good review. Thanks for your help!

I bought a used Dustek (3HP) dust collector yesterday and ordered a 7.5 HP Rotary Phase Converter to run it today from American Rotary.

We still need to get an air compressor and wiring in place.

I'm thinking that when it's all said and done, we'll have about $62k to get started. This includes everything I've already mentioned and a new computer but no additional software. We're going to start with the software that AXYZ provides, but also be on the lookout for a deal on Enroute or Artcam.

BTW - We also considered MultiCam and Gerber. Gerber didn't seem to be as versatile and I just didn't click with the MultiCam folks, but they both seem like good equipment.

I'll update this thread periodically as things happen and if anyone wants to part with a legit Enroute or ArtCam program, please let me know!


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When you start using the cnc you will never know how you made signs without it. We looked at axzy's before we bought our Multi-Cam they would have been our second choice. Good Luck!



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Rob...what exactly is your 3 phase converter going to provide power for? The spindle, the vacuum table blower or other configuration? I was wondering about your power rating for the converter. If it's powering just the spindle it may be adequate but if it's powering the vacuum blower it seems as if it may be underpowered.


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What he said, those phase converters don't run stuff that require torque, like air compressors and stuff. Lights and stuff like that do fine, I even have a welder running on one. But, stuff with a motor that is hard to turn will not do well usually, unless they have made great strides. Hope thats not the case here.

Congrats on the router. 6 months from now you'll wonder what you did without it.


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I have two Friend that have phase converters. One is running lathes and Milling machines and the other one is running wood working equipment. Neither one has never had any problems running their equipment.


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In one of our buildings we don't have 3 phase. I got a phase converter since I already had a 3 phase air compressor and welders. The converters run the welders great but the air compressor slows down as the pressure builds and kicks the breaker in the converter. I changed out the motor on the compressor to a single phase.


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Thanks for the positive comments. No matter how exciting it is to get a new "toy", it's also kinda scary. Your notes give me a little more peace of mind.

AXYZ is supplying the phase converter for the router. The one I bought is only for the dust collection system. I called 4 different manufacturers, two recommended a 5 HP converter and 2 recommended a 7.5 HP. I decided to play is safe with the 7.5 HP. The folks that I bought from explained that a dust collection system is a "hard" start, in that in addition to getting the motor turning, it also has to turn the impeller which is pushing air. They said that we should double the capacity of the unit - hence a 3HP Dustek unit would require a 6HP converter. They only sell them in 5HP and 7.5HP so...I got the 7.5HP.

On another note, I posted the Dustek that I bought on uship.com. The unit is in Wisconsin. I'm in Virginia. Obviously I needed to figure out a way to get it here - that's where uship comes in. You post what you need shipped and companies bid on shipping it for you. In my case, I got a bid within about 12 hours to pick it up this weekend and deliver it next week for $500. I accepted their offer and will let you know how it turns out. I was pretty impressed with the process and depending on how next week turns out, I would highly recommend it.


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If AXYZ is suppling the converter I'd say everything is good to go. I know you'll like the router. We would be dead in the water without it. You go from a company that makes square boxes to a custom shape fabricator overnight.


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Rob, good choice on the table configuration. I have a 4x8 with 2 heads & wish I had your setup. If you haven't purchased dust collection- check out Penn State Industries (their cyclone models.) We love ours.

As for the phase convertor, I'd look into upgrading your electrical service to a real 3 phase configuration. I was in the same 2 phase position 5 yrs ago & found that the converters were less than 50% efficient; indicating double the energy cost. If you run your machine a good part of the day- you may end up paying much more in the long run. Also, AXYZ advised me that the convertor voided the warranty & may induce errors in your programs. If you're running a large 3D program all day- it really sux when you've lost your origin.

Also, if your leasing your building- you may be able to convince your landlord to help with the cost of the 3 phase upgrade. Mine paid for 30%.

I may be selling the latest version of Enroute 3 Pro in a month or two. Give me a buzz if interested. 610-909-6348. (could be going 5 axis & Enroute does 3 only.)


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Also on the three phase and consumption and electric bills-the third phase is often far cheaper per kilowatt so factor that into the savings comparison vs the added consumption of the phase converter. Yes, running the machine for even 3 hours a day for a month can increase the bil a few hundred dollars and that's without the phase converter.


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I dont really see why you need 3 phase anyway 3 hp is nothing to run on single phase you probably would have come out cheaper to just put a new single phase motor on.


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My old shop I had three phase for the 3hp dust collector motor and 20hp vacuum hold down pump motor. We just moved into a new building with single phase only.

I had to go the phase converter route. I have one 20hp and another 25hp wired in series to run my motors. They still trip my breakers if I run them on a long job.

I may end up having to bring in three phase at some point.

I have a 5'x10' Mulitcam table with a 4hp Columbo spindle. I've cut 1/4" plate aluminum with no problem but most of our material is HDU. We ordered the lubricator for our machine to cut metals but have never once used it in the past five years.

Instead we bought a vortex tube that works extremely well. It super cools the air from you compressor and attaches to your spindle head while cooling the cutting bit.

There's lots to learn but what a great tool to have in a shop.


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Cool new toy... I'm kind of in the same boat.. I'm going to be ordering a Shopbot PRS 4x8 with a Colombo 3HP Spindle 230v/single phase... I should have it ordered in the next few weeks, we are just getting finished up with some large project then I will have some time to finalize the package of products I want to buy..

I'm also getting a Dust collector of some kind maybe a Grizzly 3 Hp and the Accent Sign System Braille Pkg & Lic for doing ADA raster Braille in house.