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outlining in Flexi

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Had a customer today say that they could not outline text in Flexi. They have a basic version. Is this true or do they not know how to use the software? I don't own/use Flexi so I cannot tell them what they are doing wrong.

Basically they want solid letters with an outline of another color that they can cut. In Illustrator to make 2 cuttable paths you have to convert the font to paths first and then do an offset path to do the second outside path. This is different from simply stroking a path, which works fine for printed output but does not give the desired effect for cutting purposes.

Is there such an outline/offset function in the lowest (most basic) version of Flexi?

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We have Flexi Sign and Pro in our studio and both definately have outline and shadow effects. I'm pretty sure it is also available in the low end version. Make sure they have the "Design Central" dialog box open.
It is also under the "effects" menu drop down.


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yes there is, it's under Effect>>Outline, the design central will come up with different features, it will allow you to make any number of outlines or inlines and the distance between them, if you want to keep the original object, the color of the outline and finally if you want it pointed, rounded or clipped. it also allows you to make a contour around the object.
i love those features in Flexi. and they are in all the versions except for the Vinyl Express ones i think they don't have the (Contour) Feature.

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flexi starter is what I started out with with the Master plotter from ebay Started is very limited no outlines no shadowing no nothing but is starts you out


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Yeah, I was going to say that I don't think you can do it with the cheap version, I guess she will have to spend more money. I know I can do it in mine.