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Hello doing wall murals and got a roll of the avery mpi 2611 what are some recommendations for the laminates that would work well with it? Also if i go with something like fabric like Phototex or GF 234 Graphi-Tex would i still need to spray laminate on it. Printing with an epson 60600 and was doing some scratch test on the avery 2611 and i can see micro scratches when using the squeegee.



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What does the manufacturer suggest ?? Not the distributor, but the manufacturer.


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For anything we print going on a wall that a client requests laminated, we go overboard and use cast matte lam. I personally don't trust a calendared lam for a wall for long term. Short term...not so bad then.


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Personally have never laminated a wall mural. If you're scratching during install then change squeegees, or your installer. And figure out why your ink isn't curing adequately.
2611? For a mural, we haven't laminated and found it fine (running a Roland). However, with contour cut letters or images we found it lacking (even after offgassing) and moved to a different cal/lam combo. 2611 is already so thick that it's a breeze to install without lam.

However, if you're going to laminate it, why not an Avery matte lam to match?


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However said:
IF the client wanted lam on the 2611, I would use DOL 1380 Matte just so there is no shrinkage or pulling with lam. As a rule we do not use calendared lam on walls.