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Owner /Employee

Are you and Owner or an Employee

  • Owner

    Votes: 188 78.7%
  • Employee

    Votes: 42 17.6%
  • Other

    Votes: 9 3.8%

  • Total voters


New Member
just curious as to how many people on here are owners rather then employees of a sign compnay?

To me it sounds like there's alot more owners the employees.

I'm an employee, my parents are the owners, I've been working here for about 3 1/2. Hopefully 1 day I will not be the employee but the employeer.

oh yeah I tried to make a poll but didn't see the option anywhere..:rolleyes:


New Member
I'm an employee. Mom (Bigdawg Design) is the owner. We're both on here. Isn't it great working for your parents ;-)


New Member
I am an employee. I work with my boyfriend (we've known each other for years before we started working together), and we both work for his parents. Makes for some interesting days at work :tongue: !!

Sign One

New Member

I co-own the shop with my boyfriend/partner of 10 years. He's been doing it longer so he's really still the boss!

williamson design

New Member

I work as a Graphic Designer for a local college and I freelance Sign/Design work on off hours.

Hoping to go full time on my own someday.



New Member
I picked other!
I'm an employee of the corporation that my wife and I happen to own. The pay sucks and the hours are long, but I'm havin' fun :)



Premium Subscriber
Partner, but not responsible for anything that goes right. You guessed it; my wife is the other partner. :biggrin:


New Member
Owner, operator, CEO, vice president and silent partner.

I'll never be an employee again for the rest of my life.

New Sign Guy

I chose other because the company I work for is not a sign company, it is a hospital that has a sign tech ( me )
We own but that does not give us anything other than personal satisfaction and the ability to run for a family emergency.

As employees, we could turn the key, go home and relax - not anymore - not for a very long time!


New Member
I made a hunderd dollers las week,,, but,,,
it's Mine,,, Mine,,, All Mine,,, (after taxes, natch !!!)


New Member
I've been an employee too long, I would love having my own shop, rough road and all.

New Sign Guy? That's different that a Hospital has it's own sign tech, very cool.


New Member
Owner/Operator. I've become an official boss just a few months ago when i just had to hire a part time employee (25hrs). If things keep up he will be full time and then maybee another part timer. And so on .. and so on ...


New Member
of the corp/franchise monster. (snif, sob)

but in the my secret lab that is disguised as my home i am concocting my fiendish plot to be become an OWNER of a REAL SIGN SHOOOOOOOOP!

(insert thunder and lightning here)


but seriously though. I'm working on it. clearing my credit. bus plan is done. entity is created and waiting for proper funding to jump out there and hit the road with my wheels a spinnin'