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This chit is just getting out of hand.

Dear friend,
I'm about to return home after redeployment from the Iraq military base to Afghan.

I'm Major Andrew Fletcher,a U.S marine in need of your assistance to move out of Iraq,the sum of $8.5 million we discovered in a bunker near Saddam's Old Palace during our military operation in that country.

The fund was deposited in a top financial/security firm awaiting final transfer out of that country.

I need your assistance as the receiver of the fund to be moved out of that country prior to our final disengagement from here.

Please contact me on for further details.


Maj. Fletcher


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Do they really think that the American civilians are going to get any cent of any sort of financial plunder from the Iraq?? Really? I think who ever came up with this scam has watched 3 Kings to many times...