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Pattern Layout Files


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I have been taking the time to learn how to use the Photoshop that I have had for almost a year now, and am really enjoying the creativity to which it has allowed me do.
However, I was wondering if there is anywhere that you can get Patterns for the the Layout Files, or if everyone just uses images that they have or need for the work that they do.

Ian Stewart-Koster

Older Greyer Brushie
"patterns for the layout files"...?

Each sign is designed as a fresh identity, based on space available & message needed. The layout is figured from those parameters each time. No 'patterns' are used in advance, though I used to think I might use a set design or two, but no one wants to go around with their sign looking like a different business' sign...

Design the layout sketch on paper, with a pencil, then use the computer to produce a nicer rendition of it.

Maybe you would clarify your original question, we could help you more...?


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Clarification: Pattern Overlay

When you double click on the layer. It brings you in the Styles Menu. Down close to the bottom there is a page marked pattern overlay, adn within that there are pattern menus inwhich you can use for differnet effect.
Sorry to be such a Pain.


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dammmmm, that's been there the whole time? I coulda used those a couple of times in the past. They look like texture fills that you can save or load into the sub folder --- either building them or finding them somewhere on the net.

First I've seen it though, so I won't be much help other than to bump the thread--- Thanks for the whack on the side of the head to make me look deeper into Photoshop, though!

Craig Sjoquist

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In corel X3 ...pattern files... would be just that ..what you have created like a background fill etc. more then 2 colors or lets say a checkered pattern sq's being x big ..you.. save it.. as a ..pattern ..to use later, ...since most programs speak nearly same ....THANK YOU & ENJOY LIFE