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Recently picked up a pc 600 and need a little assistance in getting started. Software we have here is corel 12, flexi pro, signlab. Created some simple text in corel and flexi, sent to the pc 600. Corel basically did nothing except pick up a cartridge, go to the right side and the head just sat there. Flexi printed but the way it looks to me it would not advance the vinly properly, therefore overprinting itself all the time.

In flexi, are you suppose to send the job thru rip & print or just the print command. Either way seems to make no difference. Most likely operator error with all these problems..



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I think it may be the printer. I can not imagine what you would have to do to get the printer not to advance. Assuming you put the handle down that moves the pinch rollers down to the grab rollers.

If you loaded the media (vinyl) and have the pinch rollers placed over the top of the grab rollers and then moved the handle in front down to engage it, then I think the problem may be in the printer.


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To get the file to print and cut you will also have to put a "contour cut" around the areas desired to be cut out. The are also settings in production manager you will need to be sure are selected.

First you just need to figure out if the printer is setup correctly on the way the media is loaded, then you can worry about the rest I guess.

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I'm running flexi 7.6
Was hoping no one would say it was a printer problem but if it is I'll have to deal with it. No training CD included, just picking up bits and pieces from the net, the owners manual and some help files from the roland site. But then again, if it is in the printer, why would the machine advance the vinyl running the test or demo print (or what ever they call it) and not when sending a print job.

Right now I'm not trying to contour cut anything just seeing if it will print at the moment.


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What I have to do with my PC-600. I start up Adobe Illustrator and open a file that I got from rollands website called "ColorCAMM PRO.ai" this has all the settings needed saved so you can print and cut. After I make my graphic you then have to add a storke/outline and it has to be set to the pink "countor_cut" spot color, for cutting (of course this isnt needed for just printing, just wanted to throw that out there). I then have to save the file as an .EPS file, then drag and drop it over to RCC (rollands color choice software). I then go into RCC, double click on my file, adjust the size and quanity I want to print (I always save my work 3-4 times bigger then it needs to be) and the print.

I hope some of that will help you. When you say it wont advance, do you mean the paper does not advance at all, or just doesnt advance enough so each pass slightly over laps the last?


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Quick question... exactly, what kind of vinyl are you printing on.

Also, what is the size of the piece of vinyl ??

I don't believe it's the printer or it wouldn't start to do anything at all. Something is preventing the vinyl from advancing… either flat rollers, too slick of a surface, bad ribbons or an improperly ripped file.

As far as I know, the PC-60/600 will only start printing if all of the so-called ‘Functions’ are in place properly. It’s like a precaution set up from ‘Roland’.


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Have you tried a test print? Hold down the up button as you press the on button and it should do a 4 color test print. That will tell if the printer is at least working.