perferated vinyl and getting a brighter look to it


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Just wondering if a double hit would make perfed vinyl look better or brighter than the typical dull look it has with a single pass?


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Not neccesarily because of the surface area available for printing. For example, is you print on white media, the color bounces off the white and it appears bold and bright. If yiu print on clear media, the color cannot bounce, therefore it looks washed out. Therefore, the perforated vision media gives you less white surface for the color to bounce.

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It always will since you lose 50% of the image. They say 60/40 or 70/30 is not recommended for vehicles, but that would be the only way to get more "POP" from perf. I also noticed perf on tinted glass gets more "pop" adds more contrast.


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Unless its going on a vehicle - use 70/30 perf - more surface area to receive and transmit color.