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Jen Goodwin

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I have a strange little glitchy thing happening. I am retouching a photo and when using the clone stamp, my brush keeps changing from giving me the circle indicating the area of the brush to just giving me a pinpoint type thing and I cannot tell how large of an area I am stamping. Does anyone know why? It is back to the circle now, but I don't know why or how.

David Snider

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Jen, I have the same problem from time to time as well. It seems to happen more after a lot of intense work in a particular job. Does it correct itself after you restart or after you get out of that particular job? It seems to be a memory cache problem for me which seems to happen less frequently now that my scratch disks are designated to a different drive. Might check your scratch disk assignment.

Jen Goodwin

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I had done some work to this photo, ran into this brush thing and saved. That was a few days ago and now when I opened up the photo and started to work on it again, it still had the weird PITA brushtip. I tried using it, then decided that maybe one of you guys could help and then it came back to giving me the circle??? I didn't really do anything to make it change back - it just did. Wondering why this happens. I like the idea of a designated drive for the scratch disk - that is a cool idea I will have to consider doing.

Fred Weiss

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I've had it happen to me as well. Sometimes I think it's a resource problem. Other times it seems more like it may be related to the preference settings of the application that created it originally. Then, at times, it seems related to the color mode I'm working in.

If anybody ever figures it out, please post back here.

I converted over to a dedicated scratch disk a few months ago and could immediately see the difference. Much better. It also seems like I've had less of a problem with the tools not appearing as intended.

Bob Gilliland

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Precise cross hair?

Not sure if this is what everyone is experiencing; is this a “random” problem or is the “CAPS LOCKS” on when this happens? Toggling CAP LOCKS on or off changes from a normal brush shape representation to precise cross hairs representation. Really nice option when performing certain operations with certain tools.

Fred Weiss

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Thanx Bob.



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Remembered reading Bob's post and couldn't remember what the fix was. Quick search saved my sanity for the afternoon. Thanks!


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Wow, this might be old, but Hot Damn..... I can't believe it was that easy.

I could never figure that one out.


lolya, i remember having that issue until being resolved thanks to an older thread. damn capslock had the upperhand on me for a good long time!
osh*t! ---THIS WAS the older post!
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