PHOTOSHOP CS3 . . . Ships Today ! ! !


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WooHoo . . . The all NEW Adobe Photoshop CS3 ships today . . .

Hold on to your seats boys and girls, the trains about to leave the station !



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I've been working late nights just for this reason :) can't wait to see how well the new integration works.


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I am definitely gettin' it !

I've been a loyal PS user for over 10 years, and I've been waiting for this

for a long time . . . Can't wait, I did not pre-order !



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Hopefully we can upgrade from CS. Its getting old and becoming a pain in the but asking for "down saved" illy files.


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Tested the Beta . . .

The tools were better and more precise . . .

Nice NEW interface with loads of workspace options.


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I tried it as well. Pretty nice. This time around it is well worth the upgrade. LOVE the new interface on a Mac.


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Man.... I just upgraded to CS2, and now CS3 is out?


I'll wait to hear solid feedback from buyers before I drop anymore dough on programs.:rolleyes:

Bobby H

Creative Suite 2.3 users pay a little under $500 for the CS3 Design Premium upgrade while CS2 users pay close to $600.

I've looked around various product reseller sites (New Egg, PC Connection, etc.) and they don't have any of the CS3 products in stock. You can order the products direct from Adobe though.

This situation reminds me of a similar lag that happened two years ago with CS2 was launched. Adobe had the software available for order on their web site for at least a couple of weeks or so before anyone else was able to offer it.

I'm definitely going to get the CS3 Design Premium upgrade from my CS2 Premium license. If my notebook had an appropriately larger hard disc I would consider the Master Collection upgrade from my Studio 8 and CS2 licenses ($1200 savings off the full $2500 price). I'll hold off on that. It might actually be better to just run that Studio 8 license (and then another CS3 license of some sort) on a different machine.

FYI, for anyone who is a registered Adobe Production Studio user, Adobe Labs has public betas for After EffectsCS3 and Premiere Pro CS3 posted online. You do need a valid After Effects 7 and Premiere Pro 2 license for the beta to work for more than 2 days however. This is pretty similar to how the public beta for PhotoshopCS3 was treated.

itz darave

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I just installed CS3 and boy is it an upgrade from PS 7.0.. LOL

Havent really used the program yet.. just gave it a quick look at.. and im already satisfied..


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i like the new tool layouts in cs3. It just flows better and takes up less space and stuff flies out when I want it to. I wasn't a big cs or cs2 user (cs2 for illustrator i've used more than anything, maybe illustrator 10 and ps7 but cs2 illustrator was good) but cs3 is quite the upgrade. I like the way you can now shift-select layers and still link them, rather than linking only.

Does anyone run a function key action to automatically create proofs?

'cuz I do, and it's awesome. it's for illustrator, I put a template around all my art, keep it at full size generally, make the artboard 8.5"hx11"w and click the constrain proportions and center on artboard and click f9, file comes out as artwork.pdf in my temp folder, rasterized, ready for proof.