please save down an Illustrator CS3 file for me


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I finally ordered my upgrade to CS3 today.
I resent paying $200 every year and a half just because upgrades exist, so I resist as long as I can.

This week I got 2 CS3 files, & one was on an $800 job with a new resident who's designer is in Colorado. Of course I could have made the client have the designer email me the revised file, but for a job that size, I considered it the day I had known was coming, so I agreed to get the upgrade for this job. Another CS3 file came in the next day, which I had the client fix for me, but it was reinforcing my decision that I've waited long enough (CS4 better not be soon :rolleyes:)

Anyway, while I wait for my disc... can someone let me send a file to have saved down to CS2 and sent back please?

Pat Whatley

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The greatest thing about the upgrade, and something I find myself using constantly now, is the Live Color feature. When you can grab a handle on the color wheel and shift the palette of your entire piece in seconds it opens up a whole new world of color harmonies you never thought of.

Email me the file and I'll save it down for you...but it will be late this afternoon before I'm at the shop to do it. You'll probably come up with it before then

(why didn't you just download the upgrade?)


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Thanks Pat,
I bought it from Dell, & I asked if they had a download option, but they said they didn't.

That color wheel deal sounds pretty cool.

I just came back to find this post so I could add a link where my clients 2 versions of their logo can be downloaded. I zipped up the color, and the black and white version, so anyone with the ability to extract files from a .zip folder can look into this.

I'll email it to Pat, but in case someone else wants to give it a shot, download it HERE

and then if all goes well, please email the files back to:

signs at



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Check your mail Doug, let me know if they work out for ya. If not I'll save as another format if you like.