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Poison Font


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Does anyone know the name of the font used in the 80's glam rock band Poison's logo? And can you point me in the direction of where I can download or purchase the font?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sign One

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you might want to post a sample, also look at the free sites - they have things categorized for like commercial etc.


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It was probably originally hand rendered but a lot of the fonts used for different band logos have been made into type sets. I've found a ton, just not this one, which of course it the one that I need.

Attached is a sample of the logo. Anything even similar would do.


  • poisonlogo2006.jpg
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Idea Design

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ogriv, I never thought 30 was that much older than 20. We (at my day job) hired a guy to be an intern here, and I was drawing a set of plans with him looking over my shoulder yesterday when Guns 'N Roses came on the radio.

I said "Oooh, GnR fan are ya?"

He said, "Yeah, I like some CLASSIC rock."

I thought classic rock was the beatles and the moody blues and the who?

What's happening? Are you really only as old as you feel?


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This site dose not have the Poison font but they do have a lot of good rock fonts. http://www.musiceffect.com/fonts/ I think rockrage.com had it but that site is not up any more. I think the Poison logo was hand rendered also but I think someone recreated it as a font.


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Speaking of classic rock, you know the lead and founder of Pink Floyd Syd Barrett passed on... Songs such as Wish You Were Here were written for Barrett.

williamson design

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Ya, I think its funny when our oldies station plays stuff from the 80's.

I say wait a minute, oldies are still Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Ritchie Valens....