Question Poll - Do overs - few? or too many?

Do-overs - in your shop, are they going up, steady, going down?

  • Spiking - extremely high rate of do-overs

    Votes: 1 4.8%
  • Higher rate of do-overs than normal

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • About normal rate of do-overs

    Votes: 8 38.1%
  • Very rare that we have do-overs

    Votes: 12 57.1%

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Robert Armerding

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What do I mean by do-over? Any job that did not meet your quality control, or was rejected by your client. The sign did not turn out the way it was expected and had to be done over again. If that does not make sense, please ask me to clarify.

Why am I asking?

Because several of my friends in the sign making industry have reported a disturbing spike in do-overs and they are attempting to understand what is going on.

Feel free to add your comments, your own observations.

If you have worked through this matter and found solutions, you are welcome to post them.

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Christian @ 2CT Media

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We have found that, while we make mistakes the primary cause of reprints or replacement jobs for us was client driven. Typically typos, color issues on provided files, and etc.

We started using tools like online proofing, and pushing more of the liability on the clients which has greatly increased client involvement and reduced errors. We also now have trained our staff to continuously QC projects at every point to minimize and mitigate potential issues.


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Too many is a management problem and no errors is a management problem.
Those here that run an efficient shop will understand what I said.

Mike Drysdale

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Mistakes happen, usually not watching the details or being tired. We try to catch as many as possible before the projects reach the client. Always a balance between time and cost. Mike


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You need to be more specific. Are we talking about a mom/pop shop....... a shop of 2 employees, a shop with 10 people, how many people are involved from conception to end ?? How much input did the customer have ?? How many eyes were on these projects ?? Are the same type mistakes happening continuously ?? Does anyone get blamed or are fingers just pointed ??

To just blurt out people are reporting a spike in mistakes tells me either the wrong people are in charge or people are cutting corners. Mistakes don't just happen. There is always a reason.