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Powerstroke Truck Graphics


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I have a customer that would like to get the "Powerstroke Shred Stripes" on the side of her truck. Where would I find these graphics to cut myself to apply for her?


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Copyrighted material being reproduced. Never ends does it?

That's kinda where I was going.

Don't be a fool for a hundred bucks. Let her get them and YOU put them on, if it's all that easy. She'll be out of it, for $200 and you don't get in any trouble.​


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Its a $150 kit!!! Just order them and install them on her truck. I wouldn't waste my time to cut them myself for $150. That would be $500 (if not more) decal kit from us all day long .


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Or create a new custom design for her. Shouldn't have to match that.