print on matte laminate with gloss?


I f I print on a matte vinyl, then laminate with gloss will it look similar to printing on gloss and laminating with gloss.
A dunm question , but I figure I might get a response here faster than actually trying it out.
I ask as I just realized I dont have enough gloss vinyl in stock to complete this order

Jack Knight1979

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good question. If you print gloss and laminate gloss and put it next to a matte laminated gloss. The GG will be glossier than MG. (richer color)

I think you should be fine though. We do this often. No will notice but you.


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yup, we do it if we're too lazy to switch out to gloss vinyl. The finish of the laminate is the finish of the final print, the underlying vinyl will not affect the laminate finish at all.