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Kelsey Adams

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I am trying to print this sponsor for a racecar, but it is not blending correctly like it shows in Flexi. What am I doing wrong that it is not printing correctly? Images are attached. One image is how it is showing in Flexi, other is how its printing out.



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If you want to keep it vectorised, I’ve found flattening PDF’s in acrobat used to solve that for me. Takes about a minute but easy to set up an action.

make a watermark over image, consisting of a couple spaces “ “ as a placeholder (you want the watermark to remain invisible, you can put anything you want in that box though.

drop watermark opacity to 0%.

open up flattener preview, then convert all text to outlines (I can’t remember what else I usually tick but I think it’s pretty much the default settings).

We only used to get that problem in rasterlink, haven’t had it in onyx yet. Though I do remember you could see transparency issues in the print preview.