I dont know what happened to it seemed a lot more newbie friendly to me. Am I a newbie by my 40-50 posts yea, by my 15 years doing decals & graphics maybe. I learn every time I open up flexi, Illustrator,corel ect. or turn on my printers. Im not saying signs 101 is bad at all, been coming here off and on for about 4 years there is a lot of talented people on it., but it seems like some users think its a bashing ground for what ever that pisses them off and the others join in. I miss I even had Barry give me a call on fixing my first roland printer when I could not get ink to the heads worked like a charm


Very Active Member was very friendly to new members and a very valuable source of information.I found the admins were very hands on with tech details especially Corey to whom I had the pleasure of speaking on the phone a few times when I had a problem with one of my printers.
I miss that site!

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member has been gone from the scene for a couple of years now. The main guy, Barry, was very helpful to me when I took over Signs 101. Then something happened and he stopped participating. Never did find out why. His last post here was 10-24-2006 and his last login was 7-14-2010.

As far as the perceptions here of newbie friendliness or the lack thereof, it is what it is and any improvement would have to come from the community itself. We have a different environment and a lot more activity than most other forums. We also have a strong feeling here about keeping our community demographic that of sign makers who earn their living from the craft. The few newbies that are treated badly generally have posted something that indicates their lack of a valid reason for becoming a member here.


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There were some good people over there.
Most of them have found their way over here.


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I miss that site as well. Fortunately, some of its knowledgeable members (including eye4clr) are now members of Signs 101.


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Corey was a unique individual and I even loaned him a couple grand to help him out then I never heard from him again. It was a good site and its too bad its gone but Signs101 has been very great also.