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Problem with removing glue from a Graphtec FC8600 or which ever cutter

Annette Asberg

New Member
Now I'm running into a problem with removing glue from the last Teflon strip on the cutter.
I have Googled it and one said to run your finger across the whole length of the cutter to remove it, this will end up with a burned fingertip and a lot of work, Ouch!
Another one said to use Isopropyl Alcohol and that kind of works but it take so much time an effort.
When the guy did it in the video he just ran the rag through and gone it went, amazing.
Thats not me work like a dog :eek:
Anyone that can suggest how to remove the glue with ease or do I have to sweat like a pig, burn my fingers, scream and scratch my head? :(


New Member
I have used Goo Gone, Goof Off & acetone (& a razor blade), or you could try vinyl remover for T-Shirt HTV, if you have some laying around


New Member
my quickest-fix for removing adhesive remnants, even on vinyl i've removed from painted panels.... is duct tape. seriously.
dab at the adhesive with fresh sections of duct tape, and adhesive plucks-up with it similiar to a lint-roller but you have to use a bit of pressure along the way.
i haven't tried it on a cutting strip, but it's worked on my printer/cutter pinchwheels in the past.

edited to add: it may be trickier now that you've goop'd up the adhesive with remover solvents, not sure.


New Member
Turtle wax decal label & sticker remover....
Or, rapid remover, or, just a little mineral spirit.
After all, we're just dealing with an itsy bitsy amount of glue here.
I'd probably just use 90% alcohol.


Magna Cum Laude - School of Hard Knocks
Weird, I just changed the strip on mine and the glue came off easily, one nice strip. It had only been on about a year though, maybe yours is much older. I seem to have to change it about once a year.


Active Member
We were told never to use liquids as it could damage the graphtec. We had our service tech from grimco change it once... He used some.kind of eraser that rubbed it all off.

We've changed it a few times since and we use rapid remover... Comes off quick. I imagine so long as you're not dumping a bottle on it liquids are ok.

Joe House

New Member
I've replaced a lot of those. Rather than risk a liquid in the plotter (though there's not much under there that would be damaged from the liquid for the most part) I just rub the adhesive with my thumb and work my way down the strip. It takes a bit of elbow grease, but not a lot of time.

Good Luck

Annette Asberg

New Member
Thank you all for your input. I have had the old strip on for less then a year and I used my heat gun and isopropyl alcohol, that was the easiest way even if it took me several hours to remove the adhesive. I have set a cleaning schedule on the wall with my husbands name on every row :donderwolk:


New Member
I just rub it with my finger on one end until it "boogers up" then I can pretty much just roll it up into a ball going down the length. Come back over it with a paper towel and isopropyl.


New Member
you can try wearing a disposable glove too, they create enough friction so your thumb does not get sore...and speaking of these teflon strips...why the hell do they cost so much? I have no idea where they would be used anywhere else as I did a search years ago and found nothing.....


New Member
I stopped putting those strips on there. they never lasted long and always the teflon would separate from the glue. I dont cut deep through the media so its really not needed.