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Happy Friday everyone -

It's time we create some sort of production board to keep me on track; moreover, in an effort to delegate more (which has proven to be my greatest weakness...along with procrastination).

I would greatly appreciate someone taking the time to snap a photo or share your set-up on your dry erase board.

Thanks Signs101,



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mine has : customer/ job descrip / due date/ install/pickup etc.... or add what you want pending on how much room is on your board..


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Franchise Style Scheduling Wall

Here's one that I like and used when I managed a "fast" franchise...

Your work orders are attached to the wall using clear job ticket holders like these...

Your work order should contain all the necessary job info on the front page - client's name, due date, quantity, substrate, vinyl colors, etc.

You can attach the job ticket to the wall with nails or screws, but I would recommend using clips like the ones available here...

A couple of rules to follow...
The board should be visible by (nearly) everyone in the shop. At a quick glance, probably when you're on the phone with a client who wants to know how soon they can have it, you can see how busy you are and whether you can meet the client's deadline.

Nothing gets put on the board unless there is an invoice associated with the project.

Jobs are scheduled by their importance (due date) and/or the amount of time required to complete the job. If it's a quick vinyl job that should take about an hour, you can schedule it in the next available time slot under the due date. If it's a more complex project that may take several days, it gets placed on the board allowing for enough production time to meet the clients deadline.

The most important part of this (or any) system is to insure you have accurate information on your work order and you must use and maintain it, at least, daily.

The benefit if this type of system is, at a quick glance, you can see how much work you have in-house; you can review multiple work orders and schedule production to save time by designing, cutting vinyl and/or substrates for multiple jobs with the same materials/colors at the same time. It also gives you the opportunity to check inventory and make sure you have enough product in stock to complete the job.



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Here's mine, just a redneck one made from a scrap of dry-erase.
My only problem is forgetting to put jobs on it.


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if you have one client with many items (some due at different times) do you create separate tickets or bundle all in one?


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I've tried and gone through 5-6 different boards, Dry erase/ magnetic, velro.. Rigth now we're using a Excel spread sheet that can be shared, so everyone can make changes. We have 38 jobs on our joblist rigth now and trying to squeeze all of them on a board just doesn't work and is time consuming.. I suggest try to make it digital if at all possible.. Seems to be working great for us. Job list gets updated everyday and every morning I print off a new list and I know what needs to be done and what coming down the line.


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Our Job Board

Here's ours... we use numbered boxes to keep all the paperwork in and the board's numbered to 30. Gah! I miss the days when there weren't enough boxes.

It's on clear acrylic, vinyl applied on second surface and we use a wax pencil to write in info. We bought a roll of striping for the stripes. (right hand side is for estimates)

Anyway, I'm proud to say, several of our customers have paid us to make them ones just like it.

i can provide the file if you like.


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Signs Express

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Here's ours... White painted, thin gauge piece of steel with magnets to hold job sheets. Left side is the current days projects. Right side has what's coming the rest of the week.


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