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Punched vinyl issues

Increased sloppy punching lately

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Jeff grossman

Living the dream
Anyone else getting more and more rolls that were sloppy punched ?


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That's been since the beginning. All the brands do it to some degree. It shouldn't interfere with your tracking.


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Why are you printing on such low end vinyl ?? That's sh!t quality, even for an edge.


Rap Master
Oh yeah, it seems that I see it more and more lately, but we also use a lot more vinyl than we used to. Even 3M has issues with partially punched holes sometimes, we never use Oracal here. I'd assume that the blades(?) on the punches wear out eventually and need sharpened or replaced and that is when we see this. We've been trying to find a punching machine for sale so we could convert our own vinyl, but haven't found one yet.

About once or twice a year we will get a bad batch that is punched incorrectly (not even sure how that happens) and it'll not run right on the sprockets and jump off every time. Thankfully Grimco takes care of these issues quickly for us.


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I noticed the last 10 - 15 feet of Oracal punched rolls the holes don't line up with the sprockets, to the point where I just account for it and throw the rolls out when they get close to the end