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Putting a image onto a picture of a building...?


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I remember someone posted a step by step instructions on how to place an image onto a picture of a building, but i can not find it now. Actually it was on one side of that building. The placed image had a proper perspective and "shear"... This is for a proposal so I was wondering if some of you Illustrator or Photoshop specialists could help.

One thing I remember is that "mesh" was used to create this effect.

Thanks All :thumb:,


Si Allen

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It isn't very difficult!
In Corel, import the oicture of the building, then off to the side draw your sign. size it to fit the building and move it into plce over the picture.

If you need to resize it for the proper perspective, use the Envelope Tool to distort it.

Done, Save and Print!

It should work in the same manner in most sign programs!


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I don't have Corel ufortunatelly. I am looking for a way to do it in illustrator or photoshop. From what I can remember a mesh is created over one side of the building in such a way so that picture placed over/in the mesh looks proportional and very realistic.


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the shear tool in illustrator will allow you to creat a parallagram from your rectangular sign. In an isometric perspective view where the vertical height of the back wall is equal to the front wall... this tool will be enough, but in a true perspective view where the foreshortening will make the back wall height appear shorter... you can use the shear tool to make the horizontal lines in your sign match either the top, or the bottom of the building, & if the vertical lines need shearing too (they wouldn't in your post above, but may need a little in an imperfect photo)... then shear them with the same tool... then to get the horizontal edges to converge, use the "free distort" tool under the "effests" menu. You should also tweak the aspect ratio of your rectangular sign before you do the other tweaks mentioned above... but this could be misleading, because a rectangular sign may need to look square to be "correct"... but the typical customer (at least the ones I usually get) will not understand that.

but I would get a photo of a straight on shot of the building before I would spend too much time doing the pseudo perspective, because if it's too far off to the side


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Envelope Mesh

In Illustrator 10, I use ENVELOPE DISTORT.

Object>Envelope Distort
>Make with Mesh...
Column: 1 - Row 1

Adjust the nodes and handles to match the desired perspective.

Or---Build a rectangle in the final shape that you want the sign to occupy.
Then use Object>Envelope Distort>Make with Top Object.

It takes a bit to get accustomed to using the tool to get accurate looking results, but this should get you in the right direction.

Here's a site with interesting Photoshop tutorials --- one of which shows how to do it, in principle, using Photoshop CS.


Direct link to Quicktime Movie --- Be warned! it's a HUGE file - 10.2MB file, but its interseting.



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This rendering was drawn entirely.......

in COREL draw with the "extrude" tool. I think I brought it into Photoshop
for effects. Although my perspective wasn't perfect (done a few years back),
you get the idea.


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Thanks guys so much!!! That's exactly what I was looking for.
[Vid] - Tutorial site is awsome...with videos?!!! Wow... Very nice.

:thankyou: :thankyou: :thankyou:


Bobby H

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PhotoshopCS2 has a pretty advanced tool for this kind of thing. You can do things to match perspective -and then even clone other things along that plane of perspective.