Question for Coro Screen Printers


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I've tried many different adjustments and can't seem to get this problem to stop. Printing with corogloss ink on a lawson mustang. It doesn't always do it, but when it does it bothers the hell out of me. No one has complained about it...Yet. Any advice would be welcome.

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Looks like static might be the issue. Try spritzing the back side of the coro with water or rapid tac.


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It's static, try not having as much of an offset from your screen to material. If you thin your inks more it will only get worse.


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I guess we all have different names for this. This looks like the ink is too thick and you're not getting enough snap when you lift the screen. It's creating 'spidering'. When you lift the screen, it almost looks like cotton candy and then it falls onto the substrate.

It's an old way of creating effects, before computers and software ran the industry........... :rock-n-roll:

You can get this effect purposely using brushes, rollers and screen presses.

Bill Modzel

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I hate corogloss ink. It drys to fast, it spiders like you already know and it stinks.
I tried NazDar's series 9800 Poly Plus polybanner ink about 20 years ago and never turned back. Prints wonderfully right out of the can. Durability and adhesion are fine. Dries on the substrate, not in the screen.


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Update: Thinning seemed to do the trick. Next question, anyone have a UV Dryer they'd like to unload?

d fleming

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Not so much thinning as you need a touch of retarder. Your ink is trying to dry in the screen. Retarder will thin the ink as well. Old **** rule of thumb, skinny ink in winter (thinner) stupid ink in summer(retarder). Be easy with the retarder, you don't want it to take forever to dry in the racks either.


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Yes, we use the 9050 retarder/thinner.
Anyone that has switched from solvent to UV? Pros and Cons?


I would love to switch over. No more drying times, faster to do multi colors or double sides, and ink does not dry on the screen.
From what I have read uv lighting system has to be just right or it is not cured, or at the other end ink becomes flakie and scratches easily.
UV ink is more transparent as well.