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First I did try and search for this and if you know of any thread please refer them to me. Or Maybe there is a single term for my question. Then I'll search for it.

I have a plotter to aid in with airbrushing or just general stencils I need.
I have a guy that want a few stickers made. He want them in different colors Example: Wants a sticker that says (2 Stickers). 2(in red vinyl) stickers(in yellow vinyl).
Is there anywhere I can read up on how to put these colors together and make it one sticker? Or do you just put them together at the time of install? Thanks for any help.
Not looking for any magic buttons you guy keep talking about. I have no problem doing what ever leg work that need done. Just looking for the right direction. Thanks in advance.


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cut them separately...but when you cut the red 2 cut the S in sticker...tape the "2 S" and line up with the yellow S....run tape over the whole thing, and tell the customer to peel off the red S....or you could do it, but make sure you push the yellow vinyl back down on the backer so you don't get bubbles....make sense??

otherwise, get 'em printed.

Bill Modzel

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Place two small squares in your file and cut them with both your red and your yellow vinyl. Weed and mast them both and hand cut right through whatever is the second color. Apply the first color, light up the "holes" with the already applied squares and apply the second color. Peel off the squares.
If you colors are not overlapping you can do this on your table and stick the colors together. If they overlap it's best to do them singly on the substrate. Than take your squeegee edge and "trace" around the overlap to get all air out or your have peeling issues as dirt and water seem into the space.


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Thanks for the link. I'm not wanting to layer them. They will be put
side by side 2 words 2 different colors. I think I have an idea what you guys are meaning.