Record collection for Gerber Edge printers?

Gaugeco Inc.

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22 of them to be exact.



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Cool, I have one working and one parts. If a working one becomes available near me for a reasonable price I would snag it


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That doesn't look like a sign business......more like a Gerber Edge bone yard or self repair center.

I agree Bilkct2 when price is right buy for replacement if one I have goes down. Parts or replacement!

Gaugeco Inc.

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If anyone needs parts PM me. I won't be available for the next 2 weeks but will try to get back with you after.
Airlines are probably the biggest users of Edges. I wonder if someone snagged a bunch from from an airline auction or wherever they sell stuff lost and never claimed by passengers.


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We have an Edge LE that has been sitting in our shop for many years. The last time we used it, which was also many years ago, it worked. If you want to add an antique to your collection, or if anyone else wants it you are welcome to it. You would just need to pick it up at our shop here in Atlanta. We also have a few foils as shown in the photo.
We are in Atlanta, so you would just need to pick up here or pay for shipping.