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Recording Devices

Check all boxes to which your answer is "Yes"

  • I own a camcorder

    Votes: 73 55.7%
  • I own a digital camera

    Votes: 122 93.1%
  • I am willing to help create tutorials

    Votes: 64 48.9%
  • I am not interested in creating tutorials

    Votes: 18 13.7%
  • I find video tutorials helpful

    Votes: 110 84.0%
  • I find silent text with pictures helpful

    Votes: 86 65.6%
  • I find silent text with screen activity captures helpful

    Votes: 73 55.7%
  • I do not use tutorials of any kind

    Votes: 5 3.8%

  • Total voters

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Recently a video tutorial was produced and made available at Signs 101 and an offer made to produce more if members submitted their own video recordings.

While video tutorial movies certainly are appealing, tutorials can also be produced from digital pictures and from free authoring software such as Wink. This poll is to determine member interest and what hardware you have available in helping to create a library of tutorials for all Signs 101 members.

Please check all answer boxes to which your answer is "Yes".


Just Me
Thanks for posting that link for Wink... I am working on a CD project that the program will be perfect for!

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Yes, I had looked at Camtasia and Captivate as well. These are both excellent commercial products. They are $300 and $500 respectively, so obviously anyone interested in creating or helping with tutorial creation isn't goint to buy their own copy. To use them, or Brad's video production, requires getting over the hump of creating content and then sending it off to Brad, myself or some other volunteer.

In addition, as we can see from the small sampling so far, ownership of a video camcorder isn't as commonplace as it once was. Right now about 20% of the poll respondents indicate camcorder ownership. So if we adopt a video format as the only way we would do tutorials ... which makes learning a bit easier for bad readers and demonstrates physical motion better than still photos can ... we greatly reduce our ability to create valuable content.

Not to rule it out by any means, I just think something like Wink, coupled with still pics or on-screen demos within graphics applications, is something that might be a lot more practical and prolific. In addition, the final product is a Flash file making it platform independent and viewable by anyone with a browser and Flash player installed. Everything involved from creation to viewing is free.

In addition, the current Wink depends on text to do it's teaching but the next version will be incorporating audio narration.


New Member
powerpointallows both now & I expect most have it as part of office but yes wink looked good


New Member
I would be more than happy to make a few tutorials,, i have video and digicams. In fact I also have dvd and other format video production software.. We used to do video production for a load of our events.

And I do have some time because I do not have a job or much work here in my new home yet..

Personally, I do not use powerpoint and never even had it installed. Wouldn't even know how to start it and not really interested in doing so. I found other software to be better for our needs.. I would be more inclined to make avi or mpeg files rather than flash. Avi or mpeg files can be played on a much wider scale on many platforms over old and new OS's. All they need is some type of media player..

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
We'd be pleased to have you do that Techman. How about anything covering the basics or something showing off what you can do with CoCut?


New Member
I have wink now,, its a nice proggy. I'll practice and then up a file somewhere for you to observe. And then please add in any helpfull comments you can think of.
Thank you for the chance to do something constructive....