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Suggestions Retractable Banner W/ Hard Case


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Looking for a source that has retractable banners and matching (fitted) hard case.
would prefer the full turnkey option, printing and assembly of hardware.

banner size is about 80"h x 33"w


The Granbury Wrap & Sign Guy
Signworldamerica.com & Signs 365 both offer printed retractable banners (including stand). However, I am not sure about the hard case option. I've only seen a soft case included in the ones we have ordered, and we have ordered from a few different suppliers.


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Signs365 has them. I haven't tried the retractable ones yet, but the others are pretty nice. If I have a client that wants something more high end, I go to Creative Banner/Showdown Displays. I've purchased a bunch of retractables over the years from them and it's always a high quality product. Even their lower end stuff is pretty awesome.

Modern Ink Signs

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Showdown (formerly Creative Banner).

Supreme retractor. Has a nice hard case. Lifetime warranty on hardware. Easy to change out graphics. Easy for releasing tension and then retention again.

They do turnkey....


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The hard cases are needed for shipping and also for checked luggage with flights