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Would like to receive professional critique on the attached logo for a one man plumbing heating operation. The customer wanted to use a shamrock with a plumbers tool incorporated into the stem of the shamrock.
The additional copy reading plumbing heating is not part of this design.

Thanks much


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I like it! One minor suggestion would be to increase the size of the light green outline on the name, similar to the size on the lower banner.

Good job!



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Signage...thanks for asking. The customers original logo..that you don't want to see....uuuuughhh... was a three leaf shamrock. I'm Irish and I know what you mean, but in this design, less is more I think. But you have a point technically!


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'Doherty' is too wide for the rest of the design. Perhaps if you made the pale green circle an oval the whole thing wouldn't look as if it's ready to tilt over on its side.

Then there's that 'Bob' floating around in top, the only dark green element without an outline. It looks rather orphaned up there all by itself, out of touch with the whole softer feel of the thing.

Finally, the hand and wrench, if not clip-art, is way too clip-art looking for logo purposes.


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I appreciate your infinite wisdom, Bob. I will consider modifying the design based on your professional thoughts and advise. That is why I post an occasional layout here so I can learn from the best! I'm not really sure though, what you mean by clipart not to be used in a logo? The clipart that you see is modified and enhanced from a crude line art file.....I am very capable with hand illustration, but I personally use any means possible to manage time efficiently when running a busy sign business.


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Nice start, it looks like you kind of have 3 different logos. Is there any way you think you can simplify it?


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Get rid of the circle, use an oval instead. Incorporate it all into the oval. Leave the banner hanging over a little and the main copy of the name. Move "Bob" to the left of name and lay it over the top of the name. Try a few things like that.


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Pin, the concept is a good start but the layout is disjointed to me. It really doesn't have a logo feel to me. Why not try wrapping his entire name around the circle?


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I agree. the name should be under the image.
I dislike how the hand/wrench has a black outline and the other stuff has a light green outline.
Perhaps if you made the clover a lighter green with a black outline it would unify the image.


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Might be just me but..why the "since 1986" date, must be an American thing as I've noticed a few signs on here with it. I have never been asked to put that on a sign & who really cares when they started. Why not put Bob Doherty Plumbing.
Just my opinion...right or wrong


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It's nice but I wouldn't know what he does if I saw it driving down the road. What about "Bob Dougherty" at the top in the script and "Plumbing" bigger and in the arch?