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Roalnd PC 600

Timothy Davis

New Member
Few Questions,

Can a good used one be found for around 2grand? If you have one Email me.

What are the limitations of this type printing?

What can and what can I not do with it?

Special material or can I just grab a roll of 651 and start printing?

What is the sq foot pricing? How much will it cost me to print 1 sqf and what would I sell 1sqf at?

Timothy Davis

New Member
What should I be looking for?

We would like to get into very little full color printing. Do not have the cash or want to spend a ton of money right now.


Just Me
Send a PM to signsbydale here on the board. His brother had one we were going to get but our situation changed and we didn't. Price was very reasonable. Just keep in mind you will probably need to change the head (?) immediately after getting any of these machines used.


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I don’t think you’ll find one for 2K, but with a little patience, one should surface sooner or later. Although they aren’t well liked in the industry anymore, we had one and made lots of money with it. Actually, we still have one and it makes money for us, but not in the sense that digital printing is today. It’s a great machine to get your feet wet and learn the basics of customer/shop relationships. If you’re getting into the digital world the first thing you have to master is getting the customers to give you the correct files. Once that part is down pat, you have to be able to go back and forth from raster to vector. Once you have that under your belt you can print to virtually any machine. So why not get started on a simple machine which turns out more than adequate work and go from there ?? Once you have your digital clientele built, you can then go after bigger and faster printers cutters and/or combos.

As far as capabilities, you can print to most any vinyls. It also is thermal resin [and wax], so they last up to five years without any lamination. You can print white, metallics, on foils, reflective and other things that some top inkjets can’t print to.

Cost you about $5. to $6. a square foot if you in CMY mode. Basically figure $2. a square for every ribbon being used and that includes the vinyl you’re printing on. You can frog them or clear with anything you choose. What you get per Square is up to you. We usually got $12.00 and no one resisted. Good product = good money. The rest is up to how good you are at marketing your own product and if you’re workmanship is up to par. :thumb:

Timothy Davis

New Member
Does the machine have to go back to Roland to get the heads replaced, or is this something that I can do on my own with a little technical knowledge?

Thank you for the great info!


Premium Subscriber
I wouldn't replace my own, but they supposedly have authorized 'Roland' repair shops all over the country. No need to send it to California, unless you live nearby. I'd also consider replacing the platen at the same time.

Timothy Davis

New Member
So I am gathering that this is something that should still be able to make me some money.

The plan is to keep overhead down to increase profit untill we get a good stable income from this and can afford to purchase a larger more expensive machine.


Premium Subscriber
I’m not the one that can answer whether or not you can make money on a particular machine. In fact, no one can do that. As in many of these threads, making money has more to do with what you’re capable of designing, producing and servicing using a particular method and then achieving the end results for a profit.

This machine can do that. Any machine can do that. The real key is… ‘Garbage In… Garbage Out’. Brushes, pencils, scanners, software, inks, wood, wire are some tools of the trade. You must first learn your tools of the trade, then you can make a product worth selling, thus making a profit. Any good designer can make the PC-60 or 600 make money for them. Any good painter can paint a cabinet or raceway and make money. Any good electrician can wire up a cabinet and make money. The object is, can you get it from your head, down through your hands into a computer’s software and onto a sheet of vinyl that the customer will pay for ??

Keeping overhead down is really quite easy. Don’t buy things you have no clue of how to operate. Money on the shelf is really wasted money. If you take too long to figure it out, you’ll go out of business trying. While if you start off by doing things in the trade you already know, you can gradually grow into other areas and get the knowledge under your belt, in the meantime.

What is your shop offering people now ??

Mike Paul

Super Active Member
The Roland PC 60 or 600 is best on small, short run decals. Sure it can print larger but you will be kicking yourself when to break a K ribbon 90% thru your cmyk print and have to start over.
Banding issues are also something to consider with the 1/2 in. printhead.
What size decals are you planning to print with it?
Money on the shelf is really wasted money.

Ain't that the truth!!

The distributors love it, but we see people everyday dropping money on machinery, especially printers, whereas they are/will be fighting just to keep it moving. This is also known as the "keeping up with the Jones'" and "jus' gotta hav' it".

Timothy Davis

New Member
Right now we do Cut Vinyl only.

I have a connection to a local company that will need a few hundred one off decals, each being specific for that job and location.

Looking to do band decals, bumper stickers and the like.

We are also looking to do screen printed decals and coro.

Right now we are getting alot of work from local small family run company's, we do good work and word is getting out. I would like to be able to offer a little more then just vinyl.

We have learned fast and are still learning, sometimes we learn the hard way why somthing will not work but for the most part, we have done OK by doing research before hand and referring work to others in our area.

I have located one of these machines and will be picking it up the 1st of next week.

Please any tips or tricks anyone on the board may have to offer regarding these machines. A little insite so that I may not have to learn it all the hard way.


Premium Subscriber
When you get it... PM me.

I might not be able to help with your software, but I should be able to get you through certain things. After reading your last post, I think you're doing the right thing. Don't rush in. This machine is fine for what you're needs will be. As you outgrow it, you upgrade at your convenience. :thumb: