Roland Camm1 pnc 1100


Guy gave me a call , he wants me to buy him out. He has A Roland Camm1 pnc 1100 . I was thinking I am not interested in his Roland . He just Insists how good it is. Does anyone gave any comments about that machine ? Thanks


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Never had one, but I heard they worked great in their day. Good luck finding drivers and such.


They're crazy slow, no optical sensor, manufactured 30y old ago (capacitors should be changed otherwise not very accurate), my pnc 1000 worked on win 7 but needed LPT printer port. Not worthless but I wouldn't pay more than $200 for sure.
Built to last... and they do. But you need an older 32-bit PC with an LPT.
Drivers are simple- and work straight from Corel Draw - any version since version 7.5.