roland pnc 1100


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i`m a new guy to the vinyl business here in austin texas and i had a quick question.
just bought a pnc1100,in graet shape(from the looks of it) can`t get my flexi 6.5 to work with it.
my question i need a driver or something?
Yes, you do need a driver or something...

What operating system are you using (win XP, w98se...?)
You need a driver from for the operating system you are using, and then the control panel of the plotter needs setting up with the right options selected.

You'll need a parallel port printer lead, not a serial lead.


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thanks ian, couldn`t figure out why i wasn`t connected, and of course i have the serial lead.
that helped alot.
thanks again
The pin out connections on the roland serial lead have a couple of wires swapped over- I can't remember which ones- but a standard serial lead will not work!

You'll need the panel set for hgpl language, mode2, free y or rotate Y (if using XP), Free x if using win98se.


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You may also need to rotate the XP to YZ for complete compatability.
Also, you should have another drink, as I am doing right now..
I find the downloading to be quite enjoyable.


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Thanks guys....surely it couldnd`nt have been as simple as hooking it up and ready to go.
thanks again....te