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Roland PNC1100 Corel 12 Please Help Plotting


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We are new at Corel, and are using the Graphics Suite 12. We run a Roland PNC 1100 plotter and are having trouble plotting. We are using the correct driver, yet no matter where we orient the page, what the page setting are, how much we move the image, or what, it always plots the image in the same, wrong orientation. This will only allow us to cut 23x23" which is a problem. We also have experimented with cocut and are able to plot in the corrected direction. Yet, the image only plots about 50%. We have checked the setting and nothing looks incorrect yet it still plots that size. Any suggestions???? Thanks!


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are you sure the driver is correct I ran into this when I first started changed drivers & viola great stuff but my cutter is old cam1 pnc 960 I would play with other driver My .02

Ian Stewart-Koster

Older Greyer Brushie
Hi I fixed the same problem myself last night after wondering for months... but ours is a PNC1000A. I usually plot from another program, not Corel, but everytime I tried Corel & XP, it plotted 90 degrees different from the preview window. (I have NOT loaded XP serv.Pak2 btw.)

Solution- when using win98 for plotting, with no errors, the plotter had a setting on the control panel <Expand X> (or was it Free X, I forget) which I got to bea ble to modify, with the pinch roller release lever lifted UP. It had to be in Mode 2, but with win98 Expand X was the main important bit.
To get it to plot in XP, aside from having the right drivers loaded (from rolandDG.com), I had to change that setting to <free Y>,( NOT free or expand X).

Also set the printer/plotter driver properties to Landscape, and to the vinyl width & size, and set Corel to get the page size/layout <from the printer> so they match perfectly.

Don't forget to outline all objects with a hairline.

The other oddity is in Win98, the blade was always parked at the right of the plotter, but in XP, it puts itself at the left...

Best wishes, HTH!