roland sp 300 v dried lines

Leeya Lorea

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I recently purchased my Roland sp 300 v seems to have magenta and yellow ink dried in tubes or head. I have tried pulling through the caps with a syringe. cyan and black pull through but the magenta and yellow do not. I have done 2 power washes and replaced the caps and tried filling up with cleaning cartridge instead of ink. now it says that it cant fill up to protect the pump. how would I fix dried up lines


I would check that the caps make good contact to the printhead. If that seems okay, disconnect the line from the damper and try to pull trough that.
If that doesn't work take the line apart and clean it good. It's probably the needle on the cartridge side that is dried and stuck.
Worst case replace the line.....and possibly the head as well.
You need to take a systematic approach to solving this issue. Also, the protect the pump message just means the pump motor needs to cool off.

I would suggest you try pulling ink through the magenta and yellow dampers to see if the clog is before or after that point. The following items will be very helpful to do this:
Pick the needle that fits tightly in the bottom of the damper (a bit of cleaning solution on the needle will help the needle go in easier). Remove the ink cartridge for that color and pull ink until you have air. This will tell you that line is clear. I would insert a cleaning cartridge at this time and pull some cleaning fluid through and then remove the cleaning cartridge and pull air.
I would put a new damper and O-ring on the ink line at this point. When replacing the damper O-ring on the ink line, snip off 1/16 inch off the ink line so the new O-ring is at an uncompressed section of the ink line to insure a better seal. You can get dampers with an O-ring here.
After installing the new damper, insert the ink cartridge and fill the ink line. When doing this, position the syringe so the damper is upside down so you can get most of the air out of the damper. Before placing the damper on the print head, clean the manifold post with a swab and cleaning fluid to remove any dried ink residue.
As you have replaced the caps, all that is left is to check the print head. Remove the cap line for the M/Y head at the pump, attach the syringe and very gently try to pull ink through the head. Depending upon the results, you can decide if you need a new printhead.


we love solventinkjet

they have. tapered syringe that is very useful it fits almotst any size hose

it is probably also worth getting a handheld vacuumpump/brake bleeding tool

or similar.

a bit of extra suction will make it easier to clear those lines

i will generally ue the syringe to inject some fush solvent &. the vacuum pump to pull from the other end of the line

do not use the pump to pull through the head if you have any thought of salvaging it