Roland tech in Nor Cal

Anyone have suggestions for a Roland tech in Northern California(North Bay area)?

I've contacted Denco and Midwest Sign, but it seems their standard lead time is 1-2 weeks before they can get to you. Is this standard? How long does it take your tech to respond to a service call?

Joe House

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We show that a call was placed from you at the end of April. I'm not sure what the lead time was at that point. I don't know that we have a standard lead time. It will depend on our workload and the distance we have to travel to your shop. Also, we have recently added another tech for outside support in northern California.
Had you asked this morning, our next available appointment would have been this afternoon. Then Monday afternoon.
Please give us another call if you still need service on your printer especially if time is of the essence.

DencoTech Support.


Denco is much better since they hired Aidan to take some of the workload off of Joe Torrie...

You have a Bully Toomey??
@Joe House - Thanks for that info. I managed to solve the problem I was having back in April. I will keep Denco in mind for our next service call.

@WCsign - We do have a English Bulldog. She just turned 5 and is a runt weighing in at 28lbs. She is our first Bully and can't imagine owning another breed. Obligatory pics attached.


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Joe House

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@Toomey - glad you got it going. I hope we'll be able to help in the future.

@ WC- thanks for the kind words.

@ All - Have a great weekend.