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First off I'd like to say that this site is great for all of us rookies that have jumped head first into a new career or hobby. So many of you have already helped me without knowing it. Thank you.

I am curently a design student at Robert Morris College in Illinios. I started designing race cars for my buddy and found myself buying a cutter because a lot of sign guys in my area have decided to go on the lamb recently. So i figure I should give it a shot. I know what I like and do not pretend that I will build an emipre overnite.

Thanks in advance for all the future help.

Mike Benson


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Welcome to the group. I am from Illinois too.I am just transplanted for awhile( shallow roots). You will find alot of help here.


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Hi Mike.
Welcome from Beautiful BC.
When you say you design race cars... do you mean the graphics...or the cars? Lets see some of your work?


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No I meant graphics, but I do work on them. Here is a couple designs that I am currently working on..The black car is not finished. I’m lettering the orange one next week.



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