RTA Sign ?


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When someone picks up a sign from you and they are going to install it themselves (example : 10FTx2FT Alupanel) . . .

Would you drill screw holes (or pilot holes) in the sign for them or would you let them drill the holes themselves . . . based on the building ficade ?


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Never pre-drill anything you haven't seen first hand or haven't made the installing brackets or hardware for said sign.


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this is not R.T.A...........its a sign you made, and they will INSTALL.
R.T.A. to me is, lay it out, cut, weed, tape .............AND HAND TO CLIENT.......they get to APPLY it to whatever...............


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I let them do it unless it's going on a fence or something like that where it's smaller and it has multiple movable mounting points.


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yeah, what they said... we had a guy come in all ticked off the other day because we didn't attach his speed limit signs to his 10' steel posts ahead of time! I was sure he was kidding but I guess he didn't wanna have to install the damn things to begin with and he was like, "for what we paid, you need to assemble it". I'm sure he had to take them off to plant the posts and I got a good chuckle thinkin' about it later. LOL


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Don't you usually give the customer what they order?....I would think asking them whether or not they want holes is just part of the order taking process.....