Saludos a todos from Guatemala


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Hello everybody, my best wishes for everyone. My name's Rony, from Guatemala, Central America.

I have a graphic design studio and I've been in business for the past 3 years. Right now we focus on 3D architectural rendering and most of our work is for architects, engineers and developers. For the moment we outsource our print needs to a local print shop, so we're not exactly in the printing business, but I'm planning to be and recently I've been interested in alternative mediums or applications for print advertising.

Guatemala has a very open and dynamic market for advertising and in terms of size, it is the largest economic market in Central America.

So I decided to join the forum to learn from people in the business and about its many applications and of course try to contribute in any way possible.

So have a great day everybody and hope I can be of service.

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Welcome! Good to hear your from Guatemala. My lead graphic designer is IN guatemala city! Cool. Love to talk to you more... Maybe we can do business as well.


Beinvenido desde Iowa tambien.

Una preguntita: Nació en Guatemala? Porque tu ingles es perfecto!


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I was going to visit you on a cruise stop this fall but our itinerary changed
to the Mexican Riviera instead. Maybe next year.



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Saludos Rony .... soy nacido en U.S.A. pero mis padres son de mexico. E tenido muchos amigos de guatemala. Bien venido