Samples For Evaluating Printers

Buckeye Jim

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Greetings all,

I need to send out files in order to evaluate flat/roll printers. When you tested for potential large format printers, what worked and what didn't?

In other words, did vector artwork provide enough feedback, or was a combo of raster/vector perfect for evaluating?



Send a one of each and then one with both. Send your typical real world files that you would be printing daily. Printer vendors always show picture perfect samples that have been color corrected to make their machines look good. Also, what do you print most of? Text, graphics, photos?


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Test images

We have a standard test image that we use to evaluate printers and media. If you would like a copy, please pm me with your email and I'll get it to you.


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I'd try and send what is representative of your work. Pick some different types of jobs you did last week/month and send them those files. Give them some problem files too, the ones that are always a pain in the arse to print.

Most importantly I'd request that they print your files in all of the different speeds/interlaces. If you don't they'll print the slowest high quality mode with as many passes as the printer will put down.

Depending on who you're dealing with you could also get them to take a stopwatch to the printer for each print. Just don't take the speeds they're selling you as the gospel is all I'm sayin.