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Screen Printing & Embroidery 25 yrs. Advice on sign making.


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I've been in the Custom Embroidery & Screen Printing business for 25 years. I think Sign Making goes hand in hand and would be a great addition to my business. For years I've been asked "Do you do signs, banners etc.?" I think it's time to say, "Yes I Do".

I need some advise. I am thinking about making signs in house. Can anyone share their experiences with adding sign making. What products, software etc. Or why I should or should not do this. I'm not looking to "get rich", I just love what I do.

I have very good business now. With all the up to date equipment & software. I have a 3,000 sq. ft. location with very little overhead. I have a very good customer base.

You might ask, why signs? I was getting ready to buy more signs for my building again. So I said, "Why can't I do them?"

Thanks for any advise you can give me...


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Spreading ink on t-shirts......

and stiching t-shirts....I can see the parallel with sign making.......
no offense. If you have an artistic background that's a good start.


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Yes I do. Design is really what I do best. I got background and experience. And I know some of the basics of vinyl sign making. What equipment would you suggest?

Ian Stewart-Koster

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"Mastering Layout" a great book by (the late) Mike Stevens...as good design must come first!
A subscription to "Signcraft" magazine.

Honestly, I'd suggest designing your own sign, but getting a signie to actually do it first- that'll save some possible heartache! You may be able to watch or help...or do some embroidery as a barter, for starters.

Electrical equipment does not a signie make!

Once you get the need for electrical equipment, a search here or on other sign threads on preferences for plotters will bring up many previous answers to your question- best wishes!

P.S. Welcome here!

P.P.S. 25 years of screen printing- do you not already have a plotter?

Vital Designs

Vital Designs
We did it the other way around. Started in Signs and progressed to Embroidery and Screenprinting. They work very well together. Excellent cross selling opportunities.