screw you Google


Every day for the past month I have recieved a recorded call from Google wanting me to update something or other.... I have hung up everytime....but today I felt enpowered to stop this nonsense.... I pushed 1 and spoke to a live operator who hung up on me in mid sentence.....

i just want to know how many of us are getting bombarded with this BS?

This is the time of day I generally do installing on the shop floor and I am the only one here... and this time I was in the middle of putting down some striping, only to be harkened to the phone...for what?

^&%#$%$ You Google


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I keep em hanging on while i go look for the owner who I can never find, just keep em hanging on.


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how about "screw you straight talk!".... We got a second line at the shop through walmart straight talk home phone whatever, and it's been none stop harassment from telemarketers on line 2 since we got it!

don't get a second line or it's twice the pain


Not only that but the other day I had someone in person barging into my office practically calling me an idiot by not wanting his company to improve my google results.
The pushy cockney fool didn't like getting thrown out, did he. Not a good day to try that sh!t with me.
Although it was more satisfying than simply hanging up or deleting their spam.


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For the last 3 days we have gotten 3-5 calls a day from a number with a very strange CallerID number, never anyone on the other end, but it's annoying to stop what you are doing to answer it!


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I don't think it is Google. Every time we get that recording and call back the number it is not valid. It is some kind of scam imo.
A few years ago we had a company pose as AT&T and we got scammed, luckily AT&T waived the fee's but since then I don't give any of the telemarketers even a chance to give me the BS. We used to also get a bunch of calls with people wanting to "Update their files" to make sure our info was current. When we stopped talking to those people our telemarketing has dropped off by at least 75%.
Now we get the stupid "someone nominated you to get locked up" calls
And the stupid one that starts out with like a cruise ship horn.
If only there was a button that would shoot the person on the other line.

Like I always say, there is obviously enough stupid people falling for this cr@p or they wouldn't pay someone to call you. Same with junk mail.


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I can assure you it's not Google. Just Google "Susan Google Specialist" for more information than you could possibly digest in a thousand lifetimes.



As mentioned. It's not Google. It's another of the thousands of companies that "guarantee" you high ranking results on Google and they are all for the most part worthless and a waste of everyones time.

If Google does call you - and they sometimes will if you are a paid Adwords customer.... I can assure you that there will be a human on the other end of the line (not a recording) and they are not pushy. They actually want to help, even if its just updating your free listing info. They will also have an email address, something only a real Google employee has.


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If you use G-Mail, and get a little message about adding a phone number in case you forget your password or something, LOOK OUT!! You'll have all the Susans in the world calling. I don't know if it's a Google scam, or them just selling your number.


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google teaches and preaches that everyone that works for google is a pompous asshat. if you slight google, they adjust your profile when somebody searches for you.....
......on Google.


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Try to sell them a website or ask them how much they will pay you to do your own SEO for you. Tell them it will be good for their portfolio. Also tell them you will give them a 6 pack of pepsi if they do it. Went round and round with a guy for about 15 minutes one time because he didn't get the fact that I wanted to be paid for them to do my SEO.

'but, you get a youtube video'
... great, another free service ... how much are you going to pay me for that?
'what? no, you don't understand sir ... you pay us for that!'
... how bout a trade, I do your SEO, you do mine ... we see who black balls who faster from google.
'wait, what?'
yeah ... you're going to get my site black balled from google by brute forcing SEO through link abuse ... so how much are you going to pay me?
'uh, no we charge you for that!'
you charge me for banning me from google? what sort of hair brained scheme is this? I don't want to be banned from google!!!!!!
"... I think we are getting onto a different page, we don't ban you, we get you SEO compliant!'
wait wait wait, now you want to ban me THEN get me SEO compliant ... that doesn't sound right at all! ....

Love those conversations. after that ... they are happy to remove you from their list.