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Script Fonts for us dummies


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What are your favorite script fonts? I see a bunch like sign painters fonts and mike stevens hand script. Which is the best to purchase?


Just Me
I especially like Snapper Script, Signwriter, Xtreme and the new Valentino from signfonts. Just buy the whole package - you won't be disappointed!


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Also Arthur Vanson's scripts are available from his site:
He just did a new one called Red Sable, based on an old Alf Becker script.
I also love all of the SignFonts scripts, just bought Valentino.
Sign DNA has the Mike Stevens fonts.
The Fontry has Atkinson's scripts, which are very old-style.


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Yup, LHF has some GREAT fonts too. I'm addicted to fonts as much as those pesky JuiceDrops!!! My wife thinks I need a 12-step program...

high impact

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I agree that the best "bang" for the buck has been signfonts!!! Buy the package and you will laugh at the competition!!! Speedway Rocks!!


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I loved a couple of Arthur Vanson's fonts- but they are sold thru Letterhead
and they only offer Open type fonts now- will not work on my Win 98 machines
where I do most of my designing. :<( Gene