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"Send To" preferance setting question


New Member
When I'm cleaning house I often go to open a file and right click it. This then provides the option of "Send file to" and I can place it into my customers folder.

Question is, how do I get it to default to a specified folder? Sometimes it works and other times I'm baffled. I'd like it to have control of where it opens.

I'm using XP Pro
Flexi Pro 7.6.2 sp2
and I'm right handed with most all of my teeth.


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I don't know the answer to that, but my "housecleaning" style is to open windows explorer & then I will expand the directory tree on the left side to show my array of client folders (or my alphebetized folders)... then, on the right side I will bring up my desktop (or whatever other file location is in need of cleaning) & I'll drag files to the client folder... or I'll right click & drag allowing me to choose "copy" or "move" after I let go... or I'll right click & choose "copy" or "cut"... & then I can browse to the client folder... then right click & choose "paste"

I never did use "send to" but I'll be watching this thread to see if you get some good advice that I can learn from as well.


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This is possibly how it would look in your "root" drive.

C:\Documents and Settings\XXXXX\SendTo
All you do is make a short cut in there to whichever folder you want :)


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Sorry folks, but I screwed up my question and might have wasted everyones time.

In Flexi, I go to OPEN, right click on a file and then select MOVE TO. This is where I want to establish my choice of drive and folder to open to.


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IT will keep sending to that folder as long as you DO NOT use the copy too. or send to,, or cut to ,,, and send that data to a different folder..