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I was wondering if anyone has made brochures, to hand out to customers, that gives a brief description of the different types of signs & graphics that you do? I trying to develop something like this, and im trying to figure out what categories, and info to include... Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Joe Diaz

Here is our old trifold. We have a new logo now. So eventually I will need to redo this.



This is just the front:

Edit to add, sorry folks this wasn't the final draft. There is a typo or two on it.
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heres the outside of mine,, and I'm trying to find the inside:iamwithstupid


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I currently print a new brochure every quarter, 2500 copies each printing. These are used to hand out when making PR Calls and during networking events. I like to include photos of recent jobs, and always include any new products that have come along since the last printing. I often get support from vendors to help cover the costs of printing(about $200.00) per quarter. If the vendor does not have any MDF(Moo-la) available they will usually send sample material that I can turn that into cash.

I use a simple clean layout, Basic company info, recent pics of jobs, or past work, a few new job will cover your cost for the about a no brainer!