Shop roomba?

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Anyone use one just to help with dust?

Have one at home and love it, thinking about using them in the office at the shop.

(we have a shark that we call roomba..)


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We've been using our Roomba at our shop for about a year. It works well, especially under the printers and laminator. Besides the occasional "out the bay door into the parking lot" and a recent run through a grease blob all is good!


The idea of a roomba is great, but I'm particular about how the lines look on the carpet.

can't we just dim the lights in that room?

we are puttong in a dust collection system, figuring out how to tie it into table saw, chop saw, radial atm saw, small cnc, 3 or 4 roland engravers

i keep telling my guy who mostly uses the woodworking tools i should have left him in the old building when we moved


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Our shop rumba was named Freddie, a nice old guy from the Philippines. We had to furlough him when the lockdown got extended for the second time.


I'm solo in a small space (400-500 sq ft) with flat stained concrete and only half a dozen clients and delivery folks in and out of it every day. The Roomba is amazing.

Used to be anything hit the floor it'd have to go straight into the trash, now it's about as clean as you can get it at the start of every morning.

If you've got a really big place, or lots of wires and carpets and things that it can get hung up on it would be pretty frustrating. Since my place is so small and there's no rug, it'll go about 100 minutes every single day randomly cruising around cleaning.

I got one of the cheaper ones at ~$250, and it's done over 300, 100 minute jobs in less than a year, so we're getting down to pennies per hour. Only downside is you do need to empty it every day or two. I also have read that for smaller rooms the random ones will do a better overall cleaning job than the ones that map their surrounding and follow a grid.

Like 2B mentions, there are good industrial options out there for serious/bigger production environments.

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We have one that empties itself at home. It's awesome singe we have dogs. The hair fills them up fast otherwise.

The big floor scrubbers won't dust underneath a laminator!


I've researched the Makita. It doesn't have great mapping sensors or software inbuilt. It doesn't go back to a dock. You need to manually change over the batteries and charge them. Would be great if they made something similar that went back to a dock and auto charged then connected to an app to tell you when the bin was full.

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Are we all that spoiled and lazy that we can't run a vacuum once in a while ??

Do you have a sprinkler system? What about a fancy dish-washing machine or a clothes dryer? What's the difference? :D

We also enjoy the benefits of occupancy sensors to turn our lights on and off. These are almost a necessity in a large shop.
We have a generic "roomba" shop bot....picked it up on Woot cheap. It has been going strong for a couple years. I turned off the auto run scheduling due to different signs/banners or decals stacked on the floor, a few escapes out the door etc. About once or twice a week I just manually turn it on and let it do its thing for a few hours. It does a great job...picks up banner tabs, bits of aluminum, tons of dust etc.
My home one on the other hand has launched itself down the stairs a few times and I have repaired the drywall 3 if you have stairs I recommend one with good reviews on the stairs sensor HA