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Shoul I buy VMPro 2.7


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I was sent the demo of Vinyl Master Pro.

It does concern me how old this program is, and things like when you save or export, it concatenates the file/path to old DOS format.

The general funcinality seems ok, but I can't cut to test, as it's a demo.

But what do users really think? Are the other programs in a similar price range that are as good, or better?

Reading from these forums, it seems it's been a LONG time between upgrades. Is it still really a valid program?

Thanks for input.

Fred Weiss

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According to Shaun Morrell, VMP is alive and well and working on a comprehensive upgrade. But you're right, it has been a long time. Have you looked at CoCut Pro?


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Thanks Fred,
I have been demoing the cocut standard, which works ok, but of course it's only a plugin for cutting. I have tried it in Illustrator ver 9 and Corel ver 9.
Isn't Cocut Pro also only a plug in? I was originally looking for a program that I could do most of the design and cut directly from. Also, CoCut Pro, when I convert to Aussie dollars, is a bit outside my budget.

Amongst all this, having only just loaded up Corel Ver 9, I was surprised that I found it a little easier to get around than Illustrator. Is this what other people's experience is, especially regarding creating drawings for vinyl cutting.

I have just come across Signgo. This is not bad, have other people got opinions on it?
Regarding Vinyl Master Pro, from experience, I have become VERY wary of buying software, especially when you check up on it's history, and find it's a long time between updates.

Thanks for input.


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There is also CoSign which is a sign-design and cutting program in one. But, if Pro was too much, then Sign will be even more out of your price range. Depending on your cutter, there may be some free plug-ins for it (i.e Summa and Graphtec both have free ones, but don't expect much from them).

I use [and happen to really like] CorelDraw and CoCut Pro. I've fooled around a bit with Illy, but never got the hang of it, Corel just works better for ME.


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Ive used cocut pro since ver 9. I got it used for $150 and found it along with Corel draw to be every thing i need. I liked is wo well that I bought the upgrade to 12 along with corel 12. Shop around. You can get cocut used as well and find yourself doing work along side some other very expensive sign packages. And then, if you ever find the need you can get more modules to do routing and printing too.

The Big Squeegee

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I have Vinyl Master Pro 2.0

I'm very pleased with VMP. It is very easy to use. I don't see that it really needed much updating since a lot of it's features are easier to use than a lot of other packages. It works very well for its intended purpose of workng with cut vinyl.

I have not used FutureRip software yet. Got the demo but I already have Rip software and have had no reason to try it. Has anyone here tried it? The price tag is a bit better than what I bought.


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yep its teh conversion of USD to AUD that kills it for us here downunder.
Ive used signgo lite which was only a couple of hundred from memory but seriously if youve got corel 9 stick with that for a while, althogh its not based primarily for vinyl cutting its very powerful program and well worth the time to go thru tutorials and even the dreaded manuals.
Depending on your cutter, mine is a bobcat b60, once youve got your vectored lines outline it in say .003mm and hit no fill and you should be cuting fine. If youve bought a roland then you can get a plug in from roland I think for that.
Signgo's not bad, corel I think really is worth the time to learn it. Im even using it to design my tshirts in and print onto laserlink film output to laser then use for positives for screen printing.
For what I was doing at the time I tried out demo VMP and thought it wasnt bad, but apparently your need a dongle to make it work on your lpt1 port unless its a passthru connection I need that port for my cutter!
At 4-500 odd Id want at least 2 cutting attempts at it before Id buy it, but then again Im picky about what I spend my cash on.
But corel you cant go wrong on.
Give me a hoy if your downunder and will help where I can.



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vmp a lot cheaer than others

Are the other programs in a similar price range that are as good, or better?

paying out 500$ is better than 3000$ plus for some thing that does the same,
and or better than from the one program.
i think its better to give away 500 than 3000 for something that works
remember all programs have faults of some kind just like cars and us
so long as it do'es the job for what you want it to do without any real problems what else do you want
JUST Purchasing a vmp myself also had no problems contacting them by phone or web site or getting a reply e'mail and that was just some enquiries i had
anyway as long as you seem comforty using & getting around and doing things with it that helps alot.


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I'm going to sell my VMP 2.7 with the dongle if you are interested.
I just bought a new computer, and I want to re-think which programs I am going to install on it. I am doing more t-shirts now, and will be looking into some software more appropriate for that.


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'ozzieflyer' - g'day mate! ... note you have a Roland GX-24 and Corel 9; I have used a similar combination for quite sometime on my old CAMM1 PNC-1000 before I sold it :( Just to see how it would work, I went to the Roland site, downloaded and installed the GX-24 Win XP drivers and set it up in CDR 9 and it looks ready to go! Note that they also have available plugins for Coreel and Illy for CutStudio. The one limitation of note is the max. document size: 22.99" x 62.99". When I was running the CAMM1 with this driver, I got around this by manually paneling the job right in Corel. Hope this helps :)


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Thanks to everybody for their valued opinions.
I've decided to keep my mony for the moment, and go with Illustrator Ver 9 (that I already had) and my Roland GX-24, which I purchased new. I am only starting out, as a small business. The Roland is perfect.

I did like the cocut plugin in, but as said above, the Aussie dollar conversion kills it pricewise. For now, I think Ican get by in the short term, with the Roland Cutstudio plug in, then move up to cocut. I found the VMPro looked okay, but since I couldn't actually cut with the demo, I aren't prepared to spend the money untried.
I have been playing with Signgo, and it's actually quite good, except it doesn't support nesting etc, which cocut does.

Thanks again,


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You can find Cocut pro used. I posted around and found 3 copies. Bought them all then sold two. Later upgraded to the newest version. Came out ahead.