shout out to Big Fish(gloss photo paper)

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Just a shout out to Big Fish and the Gloss Photo Paper for solvent. 36” x 100’ roll.

Prints real nice and once dry very scratch resistant and seems very durable. Printed with Rolands EcosolMax and a made profile fine2 settings

Had a big job come up (well big for me) where I ran 2 full rolls of poster flowchart prints 75 total. That’s not even the amazing part…… I did it on a converted CJ 500……. And only went through two moon phases,

Actually it was between 18 to 20 hrs but they look great on the gloss photo paper. A few more rolls on order. Originally they wanted something laminated as well but after seeing the test print they liked it as was with no laminate.


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Right on thanks Lyle glad its working out good for ya and thanks for the plug I really appreciate that!

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