Shout Out To Gemini

Sign Works

I have to commend Gemini on my recent experience with them.
Ordered painted laser cut acrylic letters then the job got put on hold so I didn't open the box when it arrived, two and a half months later got the go ahead on the job and proceeded to open the box only to find 3 of the letters broken. Called Gemini and explained the situation, no questions asked, no problem, they replaced the broken letters. Amazing customer service Gemini, 20+ years without a problem, wish I could say the same for all my vendors.

John Miller

I agree, their products and service are spot on. My pet peeve with them is their charges for shipping. I recently bought a milled metal commemoration plaque to go on a bench. It was 3"x9" and could have been mailed to me in a padded envelope for a few bucks. Instead, I paid almost $20 for shipping because the shipping is based on how much it costs, not size and weight. We used to buy a ton of cut-out acrylic letters from them, when they first started with this way of calculating shipping I got so pissed off I bought a CNC machine and now we make our own.
We just got a phenomenal looking brushed aluminum/gloss metal combo sign, and it looks SO classy. Heavy as heck, but the clients were so impressed that it looks like it's not going to be the last one.


I've always had a great experience dealing with Gemini.
Top quality products and great service!


I've had one shipping mishap in ten years - pretty sure it was a UPS issue but Gemini had a replacement on the way in just a couple of days. They have the secret sauce to building success and loyalty..