sign exchange-sign show in AC


Whelp, I just got a notice yesterday that I have US District Court Jury Duty in Trenton on Nov 29. So I probably won't be able to go. Oh well.

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I'll be there this year. Not much of a show but I have a good relationship with some vendors that will be there so I'm sure there will be some dinners and drinks that are worth the trip.


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We are here at the AC show. We have a Flora PP2512UV in the APS booth and also Mutoh ValueJet 628x, 426UF, 1624X, 1638UH, VC-1800 in the GRS booth. If you are here stop by and visit, we are in booth 409.


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i may take a drive down but depends on my work load. right now we aren't in the market for anything but like to see if something new catches my eye


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The year I went, most everyone was there as an excuse to gamble and drink.
I'd imagine not much has changed, considering the typical sign guy.


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