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Looking for a supplier for a sign post like the one in the picture. Needs to fit a 48” x 48” corrugated sign.


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The Yanki & The Brit

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4Ever Products <>

I stopped using them here in Texas... They don't seem to last long before they start getting brittle and fade a bit, and they only come in two colors, but I have painted the ones I have used.
They are wonderful to work with. Lite and easy to put together.

Become a dealer for a discount when you buy.... a couple hundred dollars a piece.


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Since your profile is off limits, they're aren't any suggestions I can make. You don't give us anything to work with. You'll just hafta keep searching for someone to do your work for you.

Seems odd, you can't make the frame or the sign. Are you a legit sign shop ?? Who's gona install it for ya ??

Stacey K

I like making signs
Buy the prints from a place like Signs365 and apply them yourself double sided to the ACM. You cannot use coroplast...that is just crappy.